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    A successful digital UX strategy should always include some form of gamification in order to have a higher rate of interaction. In an effort to increase their top of wallet consideration CIBC wanted a creative way to showcase some of their card benefits, specifically accelerators and partnerships, to their Aventura cardholders.

    We created a weekly challenge campaign that both educated and rewarded their Aventura cardholders with points for using their credit cards on everyday purchases while promoting a specific accelerator or partner.

    Each week a new challenge was unlocked. Example: Cardholders were educated about using their card for gas and groceries earned X points per dollar spent but when using at a partner location the accelerator would kick in giving cardholders 2-3x the normal points. We would then use their spend data to mark if the action was completed earning them a sticker on their card as well as unlocking the next challenge.

    After accomplishing all the tasks, and earning all their stickers, users unlocked a collection of points. More importantly, cardholders were educated on ways of maximizing their card usage on everyday expenses and hopefully gained their CIBC Aventura card a higher consideration in the battle for wallet supremacy.

  • Role

    Creative Director