Marko Vejar

Hi. I'm Marko Vejar and welcome to my bio.

I’m Marko Vejar—a medium agnostic UX story teller with emphasis in digital design and experiential. I also have an undying passion for great food (especially tacos and tequila) but we can keep it all about the work for now as long as we keep in mind that work needs to be fun!


User experience shouldn’t be limited to the pixel. It’s every moment a consumer has an experience with a brand. Whether that be an out of home display, a piece of in-store POS, a clever ad on the subway, an online impression or an incredible website, user experience is the story we tell across all mediums. Creatively shaping that story into feeling like a genuine 1to1 experience that connects the two is what I do.


Let’s have some fun doing some great work!