Marko Vejar

Hi. I'm Marko Vejar and welcome to my bio.

I’m Marko Vejar, a medium-agnostic UX storyteller with a passion for digital design and creating memorable experiences. Setting aside my deep appreciation for mouthwatering food (tacos and tequila are my weakness!) and let’s focus on the incredible work that lies ahead. But here’s a gentle reminder—work doesn’t have to be all serious business; it can be enjoyable too!


User experience stretches far beyond pixels. It encompasses every touchpoint a consumer engages with a brand, whether it’s an eye-catching out-of-home display, a cleverly placed ad during a subway ride, or awe-inspiring website. My mission is to artfully shape these interactions into intimate 1-to-1 experiences that forge genuine connections.


So, if you’re searching for a down-to-earth collaborator who will bring creativity and a touch of humility to the table, let’s embark on this exciting journey together. Rest assured, we’ll have a blast while delivering outstanding work that leaves a lasting impression!